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Maplebrux Grooming by Roxanne is a home based grooming salon nestled on the banks of the South River on beautiful Maple Hill Road just 2 minutes from downtown Powassan and 20 minutes from North Bay.

After having been a professional groomer in North Bay for nearly 21 years, Roxanne has left the busy big city salon life behind to bring her grooming skills back home and open a small salon in the quiet municipality of Powassan, where she can focus on quality over quanity and enjoy a less hurried life, while providing the community with local gromming services.

"Because every dog deserves to feel like a Best in Show"

728 Maple Hill Road
P0H 1Z0
705 805 4949

The Municipality of Powassan
250 Clark Street PO Box 250 Powassan, ON P0H 1Z0 | Phone: 705-724-2813 | Fax: 705-724-5533 |

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