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Below you will find a number of interesting Fact Sheets with information and tips on how we can participate in “Greening Powassan”.

Power Down Fridays

Power Down Fridays is an innovative way to reduce energy consumption and create a healthier environment.

Powassan Council passed a resolution to declare Power Down Fridays in support of local resident Rusty Perkins’ concept. It is hoped that by requesting other municipalities to follow suit this will create a healthier Ontario.

On Fridays we ask that people turn off unnecessary energy. The lunch hour was chosen because it is known that many people leave their offices for lunch so turning off lights, computers, or at least their monitors, calculators, radios etc. in their office uses less hydro. At home, its lunch time too, so turning off the TV, stopping work for an hour to enjoy a relaxing moment or walking to the local restaurant with a friend for lunch will help.

It is hoped that this will become a habit and eventually occur every day of the week and be brought to their family life as well. It takes 21 days for action to become a habit, so powering down more often than Fridays will make it easier to remember.

If you’re at work…
Turn off your monitor, calculator, radio, speakers, unused lights, shredders, cell phone chargers, photocopiers, and lower your heating or air conditioning settings.

If you’re at home…
Turn off your lights, computer, and monitor, unplug your coffee machine, microwave, TVs, entertainment centers, rechargeable tools, cell phone chargers.

If you are interested in participating, please feel free to download the Power Down Friday's poster and show your support!!!

You may also download a copy of resolution 2008-135.

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