The Municipality of Powassan
Municipal Staff


250 Clark Street
PO Box 250
Powassan, ON  P0H 1Z0



Brayden Robinson
Treasurer/Director of Corporate Services, ext. 208 

Allison Quinn
Clerk, ext. 224

Kimberly Bester
Deputy Clerk, ext. 238

Samantha Shier
Administrative Assistant, Finance and Clerk Departments ext. 203 

Anne Lemelin
Administrative Assistant, Recreation and Public Works Departments ext. 221 

Norma Conrad
Administrative Assistant, ext. 223 

Bill Cox
Fire Chief, ext. 300

Rob Giesler
Deputy Treasurer/Facilities Manager, ext. 222 

Kathie Hogan
250 Clark Events Coordinator, ext. 240

Mark Martin
Chief Building Official, ext. 228

Ben Mousseau
Protective Services Official, ext. 304


Public Works Department     

Please call the Municipal Office at 705-724-2813 ext 221 or 705-497-6164 for weekend on-call.

Trevor Tennant
Public Works Foreman   


Animal Control Officer

Sandy Briggs


In 2020 the Municipality of Powassan underwent an Organizational Review, by E. Dean and Associates and Shaping ORganizational Solutions (SOS).

The final report from this review is available here:  Organizational Review Report Attachment to the Municipality of Powassan Organizational Review Report



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The Municipality of Powassan
250 Clark Street PO Box 250 Powassan, ON P0H 1Z0
Phone: 705-724-2813|Fax: 705-724-5533|