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In 2001, the independent Town of Powassan, the Town of Trout Creek and the Township of Himsworth South amalgamated to form a brand new municipality with a population of just over 3,200. Although only recently formed, the new Municipality of Powassan is already encouraging new economic developments that will revitalize the entire community. In September 2004, the Municipality of Powassan established the Municipality of Powassan Economic Development (MoPED) Committee to proactively promote sustainable economic development while preserving our quality of life and our environment.


There is clear evidence available that successful businesses and organizations all have a common thread and that is the fact that such organizations plan and have a vision. Municipalities must be able to deliver to their residents the services that they need in a fiscally prudent manner. The purpose of the Strategic Plan is to guide the decisions and actions of Council and the administration that will shape the direction of our community and be attuned to the needs of the Municipality’s residents and businesses.

The need for a Strategic Plan is a result of change that has occurred in the last few years and that is expected in the next five years, including changes in municipal governance and administration, servicing and transportation, and in other sectors of the community. Strategic planning looks at the overall goals of our community and the strategies necessary to achieve these goals, including the necessary allocation of human or financial resources by the municipal corporation, its boards and committees, its public service organizations, and other levels of government. The Strategic Plan will have a major influence on this municipality’s course of action over the next several years.

Download/View the Community Stategic Plan (2008)

Download/View the Economic Development Stategic Plan (2013)

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