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2023 Annual Report


Powassan 2024 Q1 Water & Wastewater Systems Operations Report

Powassan 2023 Q4 Water & Wastewater Systems Operations Report

Powassan 2023 Q3 Water & Wastewater Systems Operations Report

Powassan 2023 Q2 Water & Wastewater Systems Operations Report

Powassan 2023 Q1 Water & Wastewater Systems Operations Report

Powassan 2022 Q4 Water & Wastewater Systems Operations Report

Powassan 2022 Q3 Water & Wastewater Systems Operations Report

Powassan 2022 Q2 Water & Wastewater Systems Operations Report 

For more information on drinking water in Ontario, visit www.ontario.ca/drinkingwater

PRIVATE WELLS: Many rural residents rely on private wells and cisterns as their drinking water source. The condition of water wells and safety of its water is the responsibility of the well owner. Unacceptable levels of bacteria, such as E.coli can contaminate a private water supply and put the health of those who use it at risk. Even a very small change in the well's structure, such as crack or a change in the environment such as heavy rain can result in significant changes to water quality.  Public Health Services recommends private well and cistern owners do regular bacterial testing of their well and cistern water. For more information on Private Wells, please visit:  

Wells on your property | ontario.ca and Be Well Aware: Information for private well owners - Canada.ca


Information on water & sewer service areas for the Municipality of Powassan and the regulations of use, can be found in Bylaw #2009-12 



Safe disposal of fats, oils and grease will protect your pipes from clogging and help protect your property, as well as keep municipal pipes clear of build up. Fats, oils and grease are by products of cooking and include: Butter or margarine, cooking oils (includes deep frying oils), lard, marinades, meat fats, milk/cream, olive oil, salad dressings, sandwich spreads, sauces/gravies, and shortening.

How you dispose of fats, oil and grease have a serious impact on your home and environment. When poured down your sinks, drains or toilets, these items will cool, harden and clog the pipes, building what is known as ‘fatbergs’.

Fatbergs are large masses of solid waste that can form in your home and Municipal wastewater pipes. They are made of congealed fats, oils and grease that have been improperly disposed of down the drain or toilet and have cooled and hardened in the wastewater system. When fats, oils and grease combine with waste that has been improperly flushed, the fatberg grows into a giant mass.

Fatbergs stick to the interior siding of pipes and slowly grow as more waste sticks and hardens to the fatberg, and if left undetected, a fatberg can completely block wastewater flow, cause sewer backups into your home and lead to expensive repairs. Repairing sewage infrastructure because of fats, oils and grease damage can also lead to increased water rates.

Cooking GreaseGrease In Pipes


Fats, oils and grease are organic waste and can be placed in a compost bin.

Before washing pots, pans and dirty dishes, wait for fats, oils and grease to harden and then wipe with a paper towel or scrape it into the green bin, or if it’s still in liquid form pour the liquid into a container such as a tin can or bowl to cool and then empty it into a green bin.

Liquid cooking oils like vegetable oil, canola oil, sunflower oil and olive oil that won’t solidify can be dropped off in a tightly sealed container to the Municipal Landfill.

Landfill Hours are: Wednesday and Friday 8:00 a.m.— 12:00 p.m.; Saturday 8:00 a.m.— 4:00 p.m. Other services at the landfill include Recycling (including glass and metal), Electronic Waste Disposal, and Used Tire Disposal. Proof of residency is required to use the landfill.

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