Bylaws 2001


By-Law Number Purpose
2001-01 To appoint a Clerk-Treasurer/Tax Collector
2001-02 To appoint a Deputy Clerk-Treasurer/Tax Collector
2001-03 To appoint a Public Works Superintendent
2001-04 To appoint a Municipal Solicitor
2001-05 To appoint a Municipal Auditor
2001-06 To appoint a Fire Chief for the Corporation of the Municipality of Powassan
2001-07 To appoint a Deputy Fire Chief for the Corporation of the Municipality of Powassan
2001-08 To appoint Fire Captains for the Corporation of the Municipality of Powassan
2001-09 To appoint a Fire Prevention Officer and Assistant Fire Prevention Officer for the Corporation of the Municipality of Powassan
2001-10 To appoint a Chief Building Official/Inspector and Municipal Law Enforcement Officer
2001-11 To appoint a Lottery Licencing Officer or officers
2001-12 To designate a head of the Municipal Corporation for the purposes of the Freedom of Information and Protection of Privacy Act
2001-13 To appoint a Chief Building Official/Inspector and Municipal Law Enforcement officer
2001-14 To borrow for the year 2001
2001-15 To designate personnel authorized to sign cheques issued by Municipality
2001-16 To establish a petty cash fund
2001-17 For the purpose of adopting procedures for the maintenance of the general change fund
2001-18 To establish remuneration and expenses for members of council and local boards, and municipal employees
2001-19 To participate in the Ontario Municipal Employees Retirement System (OMERS)
2001-20 To govern the proceeding of council, the conduct of its members and the calling of meetings
2001-21 To establish a volunteer Fire Department
2001-22 Deems it necessary and expedient to pass a by-law for licensing, regulating and governing owners and drivers of taxicabs, motor and other vehicles used for hire and for the conveyance of goods or passengers.
2001-23 To prohibit or regulate parking
2001-24 Being a by-law respecting smoking
2001-25 To prohibit the deposit of snow on highways and bridges
2001-26 To provide for the participation of the Municipality of Powassan Fire Department in the district mutual aid
2001-27 To regulate the discharge of firearms
2001-28 To regulate the conditions of purchase, to regulate the sale and to control the setting off of fireworks within the limits of the Municipality of Powassan
2001-29 To control noise emission within the Municipality of Powassan
2001-30 To license, regulate and govern automobile wrecking yards and dealers in second-hand goods, and for revoking any such license
2001-31 To license mobile food vendors and hawkers and pedlars
2001-32 To require the erection and maintenance of fences around private outdoor swimming pools
2001-33 To safeguard life or limb, health, property and public welfare with respect to the design, construction, and alteration of buildings, by the provisions of appropriate minimum standards
2001-34 To prescribe standards for the maintenance and occupancy of buildings and property
2001-35 To authorize the carrying on of a community program of recreation within the meaning of the regulations under the Ministry of Tourism and Recreation Act.
2001-36 To appoint a Committee of Adjustment
2001-37 To appoint a board of management for the administration of the Business Improvement Area
2001-38 To provide for the authorization of purchasing and tendering
2001-39 To establish a training and development policy for council and staff members of the Corporation
2001-40 To establish procedures regarding the disposal of real property
2001-41 To establish schedules of retention periods for documents, records and other papers of the Municipality
2001-42 Prescribing a tariff of fees for the processing of applications made in respect of planning matters
2001-43 To appoint the necessary officers or members of boards and committees to represent the Municipality on these various boards or committees until November 30, 2003
2001-44 To provide for an interim tax levy
2001-45 To provide for fees charged by the Corporation of the Municipality of Powassan
2001-46 To close up highways for the purpose of the Powassan Maple Syrup Festival held the third Saturday of April in each year.
2001-47 To establish open air burning procedures.
2001-48 To appointing chief of the department as Building Inspector.
2001-49 To regulate the disposal of garbage and other refuse.
2001-50 To set tax ratios for municipal purposes for the year 2001
2001-51 To appoint a Municipal Law Enforcement Officer
2001-52 To repeal by-laws as per attached Schedule ‘A’
2001-53 To appoint a Chief Building Official/Inspector and Municipal Law Enforcement Officer
2001-54 To authorize an agreement to provide for the maintenance of the Powassan and District Union Library.
2001-55 To authorize the entering into and execution of an automatic aid agreement between the Township of Nipissing and the Municipality of Powassan.
2001-56 To confirm the proceedings of council at its meetings
2001-57 To provide for the adoption of tax rates and to further provide for penalty and interest in default of payment thereof for 2001.
2001-58 Being a by-law to provide for the levy and collection of special charges in respect of certain business improvement areas.
2001-59 To provide for the levy and collection of special charges in respect of water improvements.


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