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What Type of Burning Permit Do I Need? Please view the details here

Can I find the application online? You can find the permit application here: Fire Permit Application please note only renewals of previously approved recreational permits can be completed online. All other application must be completed in person at 250 Clark Street, Monday - Friday 8:30am -4:30pm. You may print this copy and bring it with you completed. Only property owners may sign permit applications; a letter of permission must be obtained from property owners  for renters. 

Online renewal payment for recreational permits:

Receipt of payment constitutes completion of the application, without further action. Applicants are bound by any applicable restrictions applied to the area. Payment for ineligible properties, by non-property owners, or for new applications will be refunded. Recreational permit renewals are valid until December 31st of the calendar year. Please use valid email and phone contact details to ensure communication from the Department in the event of a ban, or complaint happen promptly. All previous signatures of understanding continue to bind the applicant.

NOTICE OF COLLECTION Sec 29(2) The personal information collected on this form is collected under the Authority of the Municipal Freedom of Information, Privacy and Protection Act Section 31(b) and will be used to tabulate open air burning statistics within the Municipality. Questions about this collection should be addressed to Lesley Marshall, Deputy Clerk, 250 Clark Street, Powassan, ON P0H 1Z0 705- 724-2813 ext. 221

Property Address
Permit Holder Name/Land Owner


The Ontario Fire Code

The Ontario Fire Code (Part 2 Section 2.6, Article states that “”open air burning shall not be permitted unless approved or unless such burning consists of a small, confined fire, supervised at all times, and used to cook food on a grill or barbeque”". The burning of any material in the open air within the Municipality of Powassan is governed by By-law 2019-07.

By-law 2019-07 applies to the setting and control of fires in the open air on all lands within the geographical limits of the Municipality of Powassan. 

Before setting, or permitting the setting of, an Open Air Fire, the owner of the land upon which the fire is to be set must obtain a Fire Permit from the Municipal Office during regular business hours.


Fire Extinguishing Costs:

If the Powassan Fire and Emergency Services Department is called to respond to a fire either set or permitted to burn in violation of the By-law, the person who set the fire or allowed it to burn, as well as the owner of the land on which the fire occurred if he/she allowed the fire to be set or permitted the fire to burn, shall pay all costs incurred by the Powassan Fire and Emergency Services Department to extinguish the fire. Costs included are those for all personnel, equipment and apparatus dispatched and used to extinguish the fire.

For an uncontrolled fire, costs will be applied at the rate of $488.40/hour for each fire fighting apparatus accompanied with four (4) personnel; or crews of eight (8) personnel. Time will be charged from the receipt of the alarm through to the time all responding personnel leave the location of the fire and return to their respective stations.

If the costs of extinguishing an unauthorized open air fire are not paid, as outlined above, in addition to any other remedies the Municipality may have, the costs shall be recovered in the same manner as municipal property taxes in accordance with Section 398(2)2 of the Municipal Act S.O. 2001, c.25 against the owner of the land, if the owner set the fire, allowed the fire to burn or permitted the fire to be set or to burn, in violation of this By-law or any permit issued under this By-law.

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